Visualize, Configure, Automate

No matter what you’re looking to configure visually using DynaMaker, there are powerful features to enable you to speed up processes around the quotation. DynaMaker enables the user to visually configure their product. Then, DynaMaker automatically generates sales CAD files such as quotation drawings and various exports such as BIM, STEP and DXF.

Are you curious about what kinds of products can be visualized with DynaMaker? Check out our examples and templates and get a feel for the user experience. Or request a live demo!


Discover the Power of Formulas

In our online editor, we use JavaScript/TypeScript to capture formulas and rules to create fully parametric models, making the product configurable.

This gives great flexibility for manufacturers and results in a great configuration experience for the end-user. Parametric models and guided configuration also mean a quotation process with minimal errors. You can either become a developer yourself and build your applications, or you can hire a trained DynaMaker expert.

Fully Integrated and Ready
for E-solutions

DynaMaker was created for the web. It works with a wide range of digital sales solutions, from customer portals to CPQ solutions to fully integrated e-commerce solutions. Additionally, DynaMaker works with other solutions to make end-to-end automation happen: it connects to ERP systems to enhance production. DynaMaker is designed to be a flexible solution that complements your other solutions. Read more about which integrations are available.