Create your own Design Tools for Product Customization

DynaMaker, the Dynamik Product Maker, is a cloud service for making customized manufacturing the new normal.

With the help of CAD libraries, configuration modules, auto drawing generators and an automated process for app publishing you can create your own online design tools that automate your process all the way from the end customer down to producing machines.

Online Dynamic Tools – Make Customized Products Affordable

Custom products should be for everyone, not just a luxury product for the exclusive projects. Since the arrival of modern and flexible factory automation in industrial manufacturing the costs for producing custom can be the same as for mass manufactured industrial gods in fixed sizes.

This is what we solve with the DynaMaker cloud service, provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Automate all the way from End Customer to the Factory floor

Mass Customization Cycle

The DynaMaker platform is designed for integration with modern e-commerce and customer portals. It then automates all the way from the untrained end user to production on the factory floor. You simply fill in your dynamic product rules and setup recipes for autogenerating quotation drawings and manufacturing instructions suitable for your robotics and factory processes.

A dynamic product configurator on the DynaMaker platform can produce a unique set of output every time a customer requests a quotation:

Online development environment for CAD and Typescript

Use our powerful development environment for describing your product rules and geometry in code, and letting your end customers explore product customization. It is designed to let you focus on the product and its rules and lowers the bar for building dynamic online tools. Whatever tool you build, it can be integrated with your homepage, e-commerce or customer portal. Manufacturing instructions connected to your customers quotations will be easy to fetch from your production planning.

With our open examples, product templates and the possibility for skill building by our team, we help you automate your custom products.

Our online developer software for building the dynamic product tools. Programming in TypeScript