Outlined in this document are the general practices that we use at SkyMaker.

Application Level Security

All account passwords are hashed and can’t be retrieved – a reset is needed if you lose your password.

The specific data of Private Projects is contained to each team and its members that your create.

User cannot join teams by themselves. They need invitation from the team owner.

We do not handle your credit card payment details ourselves. Instead we are using a professional 3rd-party specialized in payments and transactions for all sensitive payment information.

All our websites are using SSL to make your traffic secure.

We monitor accounts and logs for anomalies.

Account data is regularly backed up.

Version handling of project source code is performed on every project change and all projects are backed up hourly to a remote location with one year of data retention.

Internal IT-security

We use professional 3rd-parties for hosting and data storage

We use 3rd-party security checks to keep up to date with new security vulnerabilities.

Two factor authentication is used at all levels of internal software

Security Contact

If you have found a security issue on any of our services, please contact us immediately by sending an email to We will review your finding and get back to you as soon as possible.