Automatic CAD File Generation After Configuration

CAD files for quotations and other processes

Once your customer has configured a product, they need proof and documentation: a quotation and usually PDF drawings showing the main features of a product. Sometimes the customer requires other files as well, such as 3D models in CAD (.stp) and BIM (.ifc) formats.
Creating these manually is usually very time consuming. But DynaMaker takes care of those tasks in an instant.

  • Instant quotation drawings
  • CAD and BIM export
  • Save time for engineering team

Instant CAD file generation

We know that the creation of drawings and other CAD files for customer quotes is a major time thief and bottleneck. DynaMaker automates this step.
DynaMaker can automatically generate drawings from the configuration and then the customer can download the files manually or have them automatically attached to quotations or sent to the shopping cart in the e-commerce solution.

Automatic file exports for many workflows

PDF drawings for quotations and sales

Drawings help the sales process as the customer knows what they are getting. These drawings are normally more simple and less detailed compared to highly detailed internal engineering drawings.
Creating these simple and explanatory drawings is instant with DynaMaker, giving the customer quick feedback and relieving sales and engineering from tedious drawing creation.

CAD and BIM files for professional workflows

What if you need the CAD file of a product to be used in other software and workflows? No problem! DynaMaker can automatically generate STEP or BIM files from the configuration that the user can download and use in other application. These files are typically lightweight models.

Leverage manufacturing with configuration data

DynaMaker can also output data that can be used for other purposes: files and instructions can be created and sent internally to automate further:

  • Cut lists
  • Hole tables
  • Data sheets

Create images to sell and boost confidence

Images are also important – add a thumbnail to a quotation, a product sheet or in an email and quickly show the customer what they’re getting.

CAD visualizations in real-time

The CAD exports such as quotation PDF drawings or STEP files are great for the continuation of the sales process. But the process always starts with visual configuration. Read more about the capabilities of 3D and 2D visualization.