Visual Configuration Examples

Examples and free templates to explore and build on

Do you want to explore what you can build in DynaMaker? Or do you want a template that you can use right away in your configuration project? Each of the examples below is an interactive live application that you can try out, and if you want, you can get the app as a free starting template sent to your DynaMaker developer account.

Explore the live demos below, and if you want one (or more!) just use the contact form and ask us for the free templates you want.

Customizable greenhouse

Parametric design of all the rules in a greenhouse

Parametric conference table

Customized furniture shapes with a few inputs

Industrial robot application

Visualize movements and calculate parameters

Material rack 3D configurator

Use standard profiles with customized lengths

DIN mount designer

Auto-generated mounting geometry for standard DIN rails

Perforated sheet calculator

Parametric patterns and formulas for hexagonal or rectangular holes

Industrial gate configurator

Let clients dimension an industrial gate and get auto-generated PDF drawings

Electrical cabinet designer

Mouse placement of standard components inside a parametric cabinet

CAD configurator for 3D-printed motor brackets

Let the user modify the installation size and pick the right standard.

Image Driven Perforated Panel Tool

Let an image be the base for hole patterns on metal panels.

Foam Insert Configurator

Let the customer create a foam insert easily with simple inputs.

Shower stand visualization

An example of how to visualize a customer’s design in e-commerce.

Glass Railing Configurator with PDF drawings

Let the customer design their glass railing and get a drawing of their design.

Aluminium Profile Calculator

Let the customer create a custom made aluminium profile.

Tool Holder CAD visualization

Customize and visualize the parts of a tool holder.

Sliding Glass Wall Visualization

Let the customer design their glass wall.

Arch Bridge Generator

Create an arch bridge from simple inputs.

Work Table Configurator

Use this template and build your own work table configurator.

Hydraulic Spring Configurator

Make a customized hydraulic spring with different inputs.

Conveyor Layout designer

Configure a sequence of transport conveyors with CAD and BIM

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