Start developing CAD configurators

Are you interested in developing product configurators with CAD online?

Look at the video below to get a quick tour of what you can expect, and then read more below about the work process from signing up to publishing your first online configurator!

1. Get familiar with DynaMaker

2. Start building your app

  • Create geometry for your components/parts
  • Build assembly
  • Add the app UI
  • Add exports

3. Test and deploy

  • Run tests
  • Deploy (publish) and release to the web
  • Integrate as you wish

Get started with development for free!

With the help of DynaMaker, you can develop everything from single part 3D product configurators to more advanced CAD tools for mass customization and parametric design. With the push of a button, you can publish it to run on your homepage or integrate it with your online solution.

Create an account and start exploring DynaMaker! Choose a subscription when you want to deploy your app.

Do you need a hand with building a configurator?

Are you interested in what DynaMaker can offer, but lack developers in your organization?
Ask us and we will connect with you a DynaMaker expert that can help you with your project.