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With DynaMaker you can visualize configurations and get automatically generated CAD files. Enable the customer to do the configuration themselves, save time for sales and get a both flexible and automated quotations and orders.

Since DynaMaker is a cloud service you have everything you need direct in the cloud. No installations and lengthy decisions on IT-infrastructure needed. Just pick a suitable subscription plan below and get started today!

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Instant Parametric 3D Visualization

Sales CAD Drawings

Unlimited public users, developers and admins

Hosting and Continuous Deployment


Logged in Users & Save/Load Configuration

Multi-language Support

 BIM & STEP Export

CPQ and e-commerce integrations

Quote File Service - REST API

Drawing Imports During Configuration

Server Side Formulas (Secret Formulas)

Design Automation Service - REST API




For small companies that want to get started with visual product configuration




 For companies who want visual product

configuration with 

integrations to commerce platforms




For companies that want even more advanced automation


Frequently asked questions

This is a digital meeting via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams where you get to talk to someone from the DynaMaker team. You will be contacted to book an appointment. A demo meeting is usually 30 to 60 minutes and during the demo we will:

  • Show live examples of DynaMaker apps
  • Show how manufacturing companies have saved time and money with DynaMaker
  • Show the main features and how you can deploy them in your quotation process
  • Discuss your needs and possible gains by using DynaMaker
  • Discuss how you can proceed with a DynaMaker project

There are two ways to get started:

  • you can create a developer account and build your application yourself
  • you can hire a trained DynaMaker expert to create your application. If you want to hire someone, contact us and tell us about your project idea and we will help you find the right expert.

Hover over the listed feature and a thought bubble with an explanation will pop up. There is also more information in our developer documentation. 

DynaMaker is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) with a monthly fee per application. You can pause or cancel at any time.

For most companies we recommend the Standard plan.

We recommend one app per product or product family. If you have a CPQ solution and need visualization for your configuration models, you will need one app for each configuration model. If you need two applications and will purchase the Standard plan, your monthly subscription fee will be 2 * €160 = €320 

No, DynaMaker is working independently of other CAD software. You can use traditional CAD for product development, and DynaMaker for the visual CAD configuration online.

No, you don't need to install any software to use DynaMaker. DynaMaker runs in the web browser on the computer, and will also run in the web browser on tablets and smartphones.

Once you have a team in the DynaMaker development environment, you can go to the checkout page and pay with a card. If you want to pay by traditional invoicing, contact us and we’ll help you process the payment.

You can pay by credit or debit card, or by traditional invoicing.

 No, VAT will be added.

Yes, if you are interested in specialized solutions or having very many apps, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Yes, ask us to get a non-commercial license for a school or hobby project. The non-commercial license has the features of the Lite plan. Contact us and we’ll help you.

What do our customers say?

With DynaMaker we save a lot of time thanks to automatic quotation drawings and 3D files. The customer can also design their countertop themselves if they want to.

Carl, Product Manager Stainless Steel Interior

Developing in DynaMaker is both simple and forgiving as the tools provided give access to excellent documentation and a logical workflow.

Hugo, Developer and Engineer

DynaMaker have enabled our customers to build their dream shelf at exact their size on our site shelfhelpnow.com

Ana, Creator of Shelfhelpnow.com

Do you have more questions?

Is there something about pricing you want to discuss? Contact us and we will sort out all your questions!