DynaMaker is provided as software as a service (SaaS) with a monthly subscription plan.

The pricing of plans depends on two factors:

  • The number of configurators (Projects) that are deployed
  • The number of orders that are handled by the configurator (Project)


150€ per month

1 deployed Project
10 orders per month included
Additional orders – 2 € / orders


450€ per month

Up to 5 deployed Projects
50 orders per month included
Additional orders – 1 € / order


900€ per month

Up to 10 deployed Projects
250 orders per month included
Additional orders – 0.5 € / order

Additional slots for deployed projects can be added for 100€ / month / project

Getting started with development is free and it is only when deploying your projects that a subscription plan has to be chosen. There is also the possibility to contribute to the open community by deploying your projects under the DynaMaker Open Project License 1.0 without allocating deployment slots in your subscription plan.

Please contact to get you started or if you want to discuss what is suitable for your needs!