Parametric CAD Visualization for Product Configuration

Make your customer understand with visualization

Visualization helps buyers and sales understand the configuration and increases their confidence. Complex and parametric configurations are easier to understand with visualization that responds with every choice. Better understanding leads to more completed quotation requests.

Fast visualization even for complex products and parametric products

Visualization should always be fast and responsive. That’s what we built DynaMaker for. We developed the CAD technology specifically for use in the web browser. The visualization always runs in the web browser and integrates with web pages and commerce platforms to seamlessly visualize product configuration. From shelving to conveyor systems.

Visualization in 3D and 2D

Parametric visualization for customization

The visualization is built on CAD technology and allows for precise and scalable configuration. DynaMaker allows for a smooth range of dimensions, down to the millimeter. Say goodbye to fixed sizes.

Visualization in 2D and 3D

Visualize the product in 2D or 3D, or switch between them depending on the stage in the configuration process. This makes it easy for the customer to focus and understand each step in the configuration.

Visual configuration

Product exploration

With 3D and 2D visualization the user can explore every angle of the product. Zoom, pan or rotate to discover more. Seeing and understanding increases confidence and conversion.

Selection and choices

See and interact with the product through visual configuration. It’s possible to place objects on the configuration or change the dimensions directly with the mouse.

From visualization to CAD files

The visualization in DynaMaker is built on CAD technology. Once the configuration is complete, it’s also possible to automatically create PDF drawings, CAD files such as STEP or BIM. These files can all be exported automatically and sent attached to a quotation or to the shopping cart, saving a lot of time in the process.