Visual Configuration Examples

Below are some basic starting examples of what type of online configurators you can build with DynaMaker. All of them are available as starting templates if you contact us!

Customizable greenhouse

Parametric design of all the rules in a greenhouse

Parametric conference table

Customized furniture shapes with a few inputs

Industrial robot application

Visualize movements and calculate parameters

Material rack 3D configurator

Use standard profiles with customized lengths

DIN mount designer

Auto-generated mounting geometry for standard DIN rails

Perforated sheet calculator

Parametric patterns and formulas for hexagonal or rectangular holes

Industrial gate configurator

Let clients dimension an industrial gate and get auto-generated PDF drawings

Electrical cabinet designer

Mouse placement of standard components inside a parametric cabinet

Want to see how DynaMaker has been implemented? Click below to learn more about how others have used DynaMaker, or contact the team to learn more.