Service Specification

Here follows a specification for the DynaMaker Cloud Service, provided as Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Service provides an online environment for building and maintaining mass customization tools for custom production. The tools can then be deployed to a public adress so that anybody can use the tool.

The Service can auto generate product drawings, enable configuration and visualization of products, import and export different data formats, handle user authentication, optimization, user interfaces and much more.

The Service also provides starting templates, open examples and documentation to help with the setup of the tools.

Additional features are constantly added to the service


The Service is built for collaboration and Projects are centered around Teams that have access.

Storage & Retention of data

Projects, customer content, users and the end users use of each tools generates lots data that needs stored during the term of a project. Therefore the data size and the data retention time is limited in accordance with the choosen subscription plan.


The Service can be integrated with other services through APIs. Different APIs are available depending on choosen subscription plan.