Service specification

Here follows a specification for the DynaMaker Cloud Service, provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).


The Service provides an online environment for developing and hosting online solutions for customized production.

Each project can be built and deployed to a public address that anybody can reach with a modern web browser. The deployed project can be embedded or integrated with other internet platforms, like an e-commerce or client portal. The deployed project can be run on modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Older browsers like Internet Explorer are not supported.

For the development environment, the browser Chrome is recommended. The programming language used for setting up a project is JavaScript or TypeScript.


The Service has libraries and software for auto-generation of 2D drawings, product configuration and visualization with WebGL, import and export of different data formats, user authentication, CAD geometry generation, creating user interfaces and much more. The Service also provides starting templates, open examples and documentation to help with the setup of the projects. Additional features are continuously added to the service by the company SkyMaker AB.


DynaMaker is hosted with professional hosting providers in Sweden and Europe. Since we have zero-downtime deployments in place for our own services, we target the same uptime of 99.3 % as offered by them. We back up all data locally and in the cloud. This means that we have at least three copies of all critical data, on different media and in different locations.


DynaMaker does not have any recurring maintenance windows, we continuously deploy features and fixes while the platform is up and running. In the event of planned downtime, it will be communicated well ahead of time and kept as short as possible. Planned downtime does not typically occur more than once or twice per year.


In the event of a disaster, we aim to have all services up and running again within 24 hours (RTO). Recovery points are automatically created every hour (RPO).

Storage and retention of data

Projects, customer content, users and the end users’ use of each project generates lots of data that needs storing during the term of a project. Therefore the data size and the data retention time is limited in accordance with the chosen subscription plan.

Supported file formats

The Service handles import and export of the following file formats:


Additional file formats are available through third-party converters

REST API limits

For computation intensive operations like generating drawings exports via REST API (PRO feature) the APIs are limited to 100 exports per hour, 10 000 exports per month and max 3 minute run time per API request.


The Service can be integrated with other services through various APIs (see Integration section in Docs). A number of standard integrations to popular e-solutions are also available and continuously added.