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Do you have a passion for design automation? Try out DynaMaker for free!

We’ve created DynaMaker to be a powerful tool for design automation and configuration for engineers like you. With DynaMaker you can automate workflows by using parametric and procedural models to generate visualization, configurations, PDF drawings, CAD files and instructions for CNC machines.

Say goodbye to repetitive CAD work, and say hello to working with design automation!

How does DynaMaker work?

DynaMaker is a cloud-based tool, with an online editor for building the models and built-in hosting for the parametric models. It means you can build, review and publish a model very quickly – once you press deploy, a new version of the model is released.
Just like publishing a page in WordPress.
The model comes as a web application, hosted in the cloud.

The online editor for product modeling

In the online editor, you build the parametric models using scripts to describe the geometry and configuration logic. DynaMaker uses web-compatible JavaScript.

You can build your model out of parametric components (DynaMaker native) and also use existing CAD files (that we call static models). You can connect different components and decide how they should behave together.

How do you get started?

  1. Learn. We have full documentation that go through how to build parametric models and generate drawings. Just create an account and you will get instant access to the online editor.
  2. Build. Build your parametric model and create the logic that describes its behavior. Tailor the look of your application in the UI studio and create exports.
  3. Publish. Once you have built your model you can publish or deploy it, which generates a URL to the resulting web application. In order to deploy your app you need a subscription – you can ask us for a trial license.

About us
SkyMaker is an engineering company that develops cloud services for visual configuration and design automation. We are a team of mainly mechanical engineers and our services are used by customers all over the world.

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