WordPress plugin for CAD

The CMS platform WordPress is one of the most popular ones to build your homepage on the web. We thought it might be suitable to make it easier to embed a Dynamaker project direct on a WordPress homepage. Therefore we have just launched a plugin of our own to WordPress!

It is easy to get going with the DynaMaker WordPress plugin for online CAD:
You can find it among WordPress plugins. After installation it will show up in the wordpress standard block builder on your homepage. Paste your project-id and make adjustments to the look of the iFrame, hit publish once you are happy.

Where you can find the DynaMaker block in your wordpress after installing the plugin.
In the block settings you paste the DynaMaker project-id as well as make any changes to the look of the iFrame.

Even if the most common approach for configurator builders is integrating it with an more advanced e-commerce platform or customer portal, we hope this can provide a good starting point for most companies in any stage of their digitization process.

Are you interested in getting started but don’t know where to start? Contact the team and we will help you.