Visual Customization for Building & Interior

Offering customized and tailor-made products can be a hassle: sometimes the customer doesn’t know what or how to order, and preparing the necessary documentation for sales and production can be time consuming. Additionally, growing a business can be costly as selling customized products generates a lot of manual labor. However, nowadays there are visual online tools with the power of formulas and CAD that can do the heavy lifting: now companies can focus on creating great products and cultivating customer relations. Discover how DynaMaker can help you with visual customization for building and interior.

Visual Online Configuration: Easy and Accessible

Being able to offer visual configurations online, means you can meet your customers or distributors needs and let them customize what they’re interested in themselves. You can make your offering more relevant when what you see is what you get. You can reduce errors thanks to the addition of your rules and know-how embedded in a configurator. And with a parametric CAD approach powering the configuration you can auto generate all documentation and files when you want to proceed with a quotation, even data for production.

Automatic Exports – from BOM to BIM

With DynaMaker, exporting documents and drawings from a configuration is a breeze and it will enhance your workflow by automating the exports that are needed for the sales process. DynaMaker supports both BIM (IFC), PDF drawings and DXF files to name a few formats. Also you can your own data tables like BOM-lists and configuration specific parameters from formulas.

Integrate with E-solutions like CPQ

DynaMaker works great as a standalone system, but is also easily integrated to other systems in your digital infrastructure. DynaMaker supports integrations to CPQ solutions, E-commerce, ERP and CMS systems, and the list of integrations is steadily growing.

Building and Interior Customer Stories

Listen to what our clients have to say about DynaMaker. We’ve helped companies in the building and interior industry to increase sales and increase efficiency while offering customized products.

Are you curious about how DynaMaker can enable your sales of customized products? Contact us and we’ll guide you!