How to add Visual Configuration in CPQ

DynaMaker visualization in CPQ or e-commerce

If you already have a product configurator in your CPQ/E-commerce, our experience is that a project that uses DynaMaker for visualization and CAD automation will:

  • Show quick results with first prototype within days of project start
  • Take four to six calendar weeks from start to you have your first online visualization completed
  • Need 50 – 100 hours of work by an expert, depending on the visualization complexity

General recommendations

  • Start small with one application for one product or product family
  • Test/evaluate and adjust
  • Start using the tools internally first and then with key customers before launching publicly on the web
  • Repeat with the next product or product family

Ways to get started with the project

Do it yourself (“DIY”)

Do you already have software developers or people skilled with scripting in your company? Then you can do the work yourselves at your own pace. Everything is available for your people to try out DynaMaker, including tutorials and documentation. With DynaMaker developers in house, you can keep building applications in a way that works for you.

  • DynaMaker is based on TypeScript which is very similar to JavaScript, one of the most common scripting languages
  • We have a library of tutorials and how to’s for your developers so they can learn
  • Registration for developers is free
  • Training packages are also available, contact us about the training packages

Read more in our documentation and create an account!

Connect with an expert

Are you looking for someone outside your company to do the project? We will connect you with an expert suitable for your needs. An expert can either do the entire project or a part of it.