Develop Online CAD Configurators for Mass Customization

DynaMaker is a cloud service for building and publishing your own online 2D and 3D CAD tools that can make product customization easy and fully automated for your users.

Example project with configurator for customizable greenhouse

With the help of CAD libraries for automation, configurable parameters, automatic export of 2D drawings, 3D files and BOM lists, you can create your own online applications that automate your process all the way from the end customer down to producing machines.

Integrated with your e-commerce or customer portal you can with the help of DynaMaker auto-generate both quotation data and the files needed for manufacturing, for every quotation and order.

DynaMaker is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) with both hosting and development origin directly from this site.

Checkout some examples of what to build, or learn how to get started with the links below.

Mass Customization Cycle

3D Configurators and Automation

Online tools that help your customers to configure, design and interact can have big impact on how you sell and manufacture products.

Start Developing Your Own Online Tools

Find out the quick way to grasp the basic concepts and start developing in JavaScript/TypeScript with our online IDE.

Let Us Show You How It Works

Get in contact with one of our engineers to get a demo of what can be done and discuss your products and needs.