CAD Configurator Templates

With the increasing demand for customized products, providing your customers with a web-based and easy-to-use configurator for your product is profitable in many ways. Instant quotations, significantly reduced strain on the sales and engineering personnel, and high-quality input for manufacturing are just some of the benefits! 

Why start with a template?

So, what is the best way to get your configurator up and running? By starting from a template! A good template (also called boilerplate, starter, or seed) contains all the basic structure and code for running a simple configurator. Instead of writing all of this yourself, you can start from a copy of the template and start modifying it to fit your needs. By adopting this workflow, you both save time and learn a lot from reading and working with the source code developed by experts.

The greenhouse template

Below you can see our Customizable Greenhouse template! While it is a relatively simple configurator, it makes a great starting point for box-shaped products of various sizes and looks. Cabins, carports, sheds, barns, and garages are examples of products where this template would be helpful.

From greenhouse to shed

In the example below, we have changed the material from glass panels to galvanized steel, lowered the angle of the roof, and reduced the max-width of the panels. With three quick modifications, we now have an excellent foundation for our galvanized metal shed configurator!

The greenhouse template before any modifications.
Galvanized steel, lowered roof angle, and reduced panel max-width.

Many templates to choose from

There are many different starting templates available for DynaMaker, and we have listed a few of them on this page. If you find one you would like to use or need help finding a suitable one, send us a message at, and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

Industry Gate Configurator Template

Are you working with doors, gates or other forms of openings in buildings? We have a nice template to get you started with DynaMaker!

When enabling parametric configuration on your homepage you can let the user do the measurements themselves. With rules restricting and validating the input you can control what sizes and resolutions are allowed, limiting mistakes and errors.

You can allow direct download of a quotation drawing (PDF/DXF) that is auto generated with the exact measurements and easily integrate your configurators with your e-commerce with the help of our plugins and integrations.

If this looks useful for you, please reach out to and let us show you how we can help guide your clients and automate your quotation process.

CAD Configurator for 3D-printed Motor Brackets

Try out the Configurator

A DynaMaker template project that generates a motor bracket that fits the NEMA standard for stepper motors. With very few inputs the user can modify the installation size and picking the right standard without having to know anything about the NEMA specifications.

You can navigate the model with middle and left mouse button.

Does this template look useful to you? Contact us at and we can get you started with this!

Online product picker for solar panels

Building a online tool for just switching predetermined sizes is easy. Add a few 3D-models with some nice textures and suddenly you have very visual way for the customers to test different sizes.

But from that simple product picker you can then allow export of 2D-drawings with dimensions, open up for patterns of multiple panels, and allow different downloads for adding to your own 3D-projects. Endless possibilities!

Send us some links with your preferred sizes and we will set you right up with a solar panel online configurator from one of our templates.

Extruded profile configurator

The DynaMaker have lots of templates and projects to start from when setting up a 3D configurator on your homepage. One template is for configuring profiles and creating BOM-lists with customized cutting lengths. Let the customer select and add their profiles and automatically create packages of 3D files (.stl, .step) and bom-lists.

Sounds interesting? Send us a set of dxf files of the profiles you want to configure to and we will setup your own version of this configurator and show you how to integrate it with your current homepage!