Steel interior design tool for Furhoffs

An online countertop design tool with CAD exports

The family-owned company Furhoffs is a manufacturer of stainless steel products for commercial use in building projects and restaurant environments. The company decided to automate the customization of stainless steel countertops with the help of the DynaMaker parametric configurator, thus decreasing lead times in the sales process. 

The majority of the products need to fit the specifications of the environments that they will be installed in, and additionally, the customer will add design features specific to their needs. The team at Furhoffs needed a new online product configurator to make the ordering process for stainless steel countertops more efficient and DynaMaker was implemented.

The countertop configurator at Furhoffs, accessible in the web browser.

Furhoffs decreased lead times with:

  • Public access with sign up before quotation request
  • Instant visualization in 3D of every option and choices
  • Visual configuration with mouse interaction in 2D / 3D
  • Infinite variants handled with parametric geometry
  • Mix of dynamic geometry and static CAD-models visualized
  • Auto generated quotation drawings with dimensioned views and BOM
  • Both BIM (ifc) and CAD (step) export of configured product

“With Dynamaker we save a lot of time thanks to automatic quotation drawings and 3D files. The customer can also design their countertop themselves if they want to.”

– Carl Brian, Product Manager Stainless Steel Interior