Online CAD configuration

Many manufacturers are trying to become more flexible and automated. Many times they have internal support structures that enables great time savings and productivity. However, many companies struggle with the contact with customers: this is still done manually, resulting in the making of custom parts to be time-consuming and error-prone. With modern online CAD configurators, you can let the customer configure their components and have all documentation automatically generated. Discover what how you can use DynaMaker for online CAD configuration for industrial components.

CAD configuration: Easy and Accessible

In order to enable the customer to configure products online, you need to capture formulas, rules and calculations in an easy to use system that is fully accessible to the customer – and it’s not an excel sheet.

With the parametric approach of a DynaMaker online configurator its easy to even letting a novice configure: the rules and formulas set the boundaries and greatly reduces errors. All done with real-time visualization of the CAD geometry. When the customer is done, use the automated export function and make the necessary documents for proceeding with a quotation.

Automated CAD Exports – from STP to PDF drawing

The days of scrambling to put together correct quotation documents or drawings are long gone. Make the process from customer configuration to sales or production seamless by setting up automatic exports in the formats that fit your workflow and processes. Everything from auto generated quotation drawings to lightweight CAD files in STEP format.

Integrates with E-solutions like E-commerce

DynaMaker is handy on its own and can be used as a standalone app. But if you wish, DynaMaker can be integrated to your existing digital infrastructure. Add visual configuration to CPQ systems, e-commerce solutions, ERP and CMS are supported, and more integrations are on the way.

Manufacturing customer stories

We are used to working with industrial component manufacturers and we have seen great results: both increasing sales and reducing lead times and costs for customized products. Learn more about how some of our customers has benefited from implementing DynaMaker.

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