IT Map for Manufacturing Companies

We often get asked about the IT structure and systems needed to make product configuration and process automation happen. How are different parts connected to each other? Which departments in the company uses which systems? And how do they relate to the flow of products from purchase to delivery? Have a look at this IT map for manufacturing companies.

In this map we have laid out the flow from order to manufactured product, as well as what’s usually needed to take the customer’s data and manufacture their product.

IT map for manufacturing companies.
  • It all starts with the customer and the external customer facing systems that let the customer configure a product and request a quotation for it.
  • The data flows from the customer facing channels into the internal systems, but also back to the customer in the form of a quotation and later, an order confirmation.
  • In order to produce what the customer has ordered, many internal systems are involved. We have listed the relevant ones and where in the chain of events that they are used.
  • At last the manufactured product comes out and gets delivered to the customer.

Use the map as a tool to analyze your IT structure and see where different solutions should fit. Do you have any questions or do you want to know more about how visualization and configuration work with other systems? Contact us!