Get Instant Sales Documentation

Your customer probably wants their customized product now. But creating a correct quotation as well as a correct drawing for the customer’s approval takes time. There’s calculations, pricing, drawings and putting everything together. Then you have to send the documents back and forth. There is a lot of administration involved and lead times that can create frustration – wouldn’t you rather focus on cultivating the relationship with the customers? Get instant sales documentation by using DynaMaker!

The documentation you need at the press of a button

With DynaMaker, you can minimize these administrative sales tasks so there’s time for giving great customer service and building relationships. DynaMaker can generate all you need, from drawings for quotations to automated sales orders that go straight into production once the customer places the order in your customer portal or e-commerce channel. The system also integrates with CPQ solutions handling complex pricing. 

A flexible tool with many use cases

You can use DynaMaker externally, internally, or both. Many of our clients use DynaMaker as a sales tool for sales people when they talk to clients, and some of them have integrated DynaMaker into their e-commerce solution. The service fits many digital sales solutions and meets you on your journey to increasing digital sales. 

In summary

  • Create instant sales documentation automatically
  • Get quotations and drawings in your desired format
  • Enable dynamic pricing with CPQ solutions
  • Tap into the possibility to automate the process from sales to production
  • Save time and let employees focus on customer relations