Generating STEP-files from any geometry

Would you like to develop a DynaMaker application that includes static 3D files and exports STEP-files? With our Design Automation Service, you can now effortlessly generate and export STEP-files from your application regardless of if your app uses static models or not!

In our previous article on using your own static assets, we demonstrated how you can create an assembly that utilizes both static and parametric models. Here, we will expand on that concept by demonstrating how you can generate and export a STEP-File from the entire assembly. Before the Design Automation Service, it was only possible to create STEP-files from parametric models. However, with this service, you can effortlessly create them regardless.

To showcase static models in DynaMaker, we utilize a “model file” that is suitable for the web, such as GLTF, GLB, or STL. When creating a static model in the DynaMaker dashboard, you can connect the model file to a “source file” in the STEP-file format.

This connection is then automatically used by the Design Automation Service plugin in DynaMaker. All you have to do is enable the plugin and write a single line of code to generate your file.

const geometry = assemblyComponent.generateGeometry()
const assemblyStepData = await PLUGINS.DAS.generateSTEPFile()

In the example application below, you can find a “STEP” button at the top that utilizes the Design Automation Service to generate multiple STEP-files and then downloads them as a ZIP-file.

You can learn more about how to use the Design Automation Service with DynaMaker in the documentation.