Features That Will Change the Way You Work

Do you want to increase your sales of customized products but find it hard? Selling customized products often involve lots of manual labor, lead times and repetitive tasks. It’s also difficult to increase sales of customized products as the manual labor that you need to put in also increases. DynaMaker is here to help: Discover the DynaMaker features that will facilitate scaling your business while increasing efficiency. Click the buttons below to read more in depth about the DynaMaker features.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

  • Let the customer configure their products
  • Drawings are created instantly
  • Reduce the need for manual examination of quotation drawings
  • Automatically export files such as STEP, BOM, BIM, DXF, IFC, cut lists 

Configure Correct Orders All the Time

  • Guided rule-based visual configuration eliminates errors
  • Funnel your rules, limitations and formulas into the configurator
  • Create scalable, formula-based models of your products for easy configuration
  • Use input fields, drawing and configuration with mouse clicks
  • Fast performance and user experience thanks to web first software

Get Instant Sales Documentation

  • Create automatic quotations and drawings in your desired format
  • Enable dynamic pricing with CPQ solutions
  • Tap into the possibility to automate the process from sales to production
  • Save time and let employees focus on customer relations

Easily Integrates with Your IT Solutions

  • DynaMaker has integrations with e-solutions such as customer portals, cpq solutions, e-commerce and cms
  • DynaMaker also integrates with ERP software 
  • There is no need for big investments and big projects thanks do the easy integration
  • Convenient SaaS model gives flexibility and low costs

Are you curious about learning more? Check out our FAQ or contact the DynaMaker team!