Features That Will Change the Way You Work

Learn about how DynaMaker can improve your operations!

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

  • Let the customer configure their products
  • Drawings are created instantly
  • Reduce the need for manual examination of quotation drawings
  • Automatically export files such as STEP, BOM, BIM, DXF, IFC, cut lists 

Configure Correct Orders All the Time

  • Guided rule-based visual configuration eliminates errors
  • Funnel your rules, limitations and formulas into the configurator
  • Create scalable, formula-based models of your products for easy configuration
  • Use input fields, drawing and configuration with mouse clicks
  • Fast performance and user experience thanks to web first software

Get Instant Sales Documentation

  • Create automatic quotations and drawings in your desired format
  • Enable dynamic pricing with CPQ solutions
  • Tap into the possibility to automate the process from sales to production
  • Save time and let employees focus on customer relations

Easily Integrates with Your IT Solutions

  • DynaMaker has integrations with e-solutions such as customer portals, cpq solutions, e-commerce and cms
  • DynaMaker also integrates with ERP software 
  • There is no need for big investments and big projects thanks do the easy integration
  • Convenient SaaS model gives flexibility and low costs

Are you curious about learning more? Check out our FAQ or contact the DynaMaker team!