Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Customized products implies that each drawing and quotation is unique. It takes a lot of time, and during peak season many companies can’t keep up. Making drawings, making sure that everything is correct and that all documentation is ready for production is a time consuming and repetitive task. Can you keep up as your business grows? Let DynaMaker eliminate repetitive tasks and save time.

You won’t need to do these repetitive tasks thanks to DynaMaker with your rules and formulas. By guided visual configuration, the customer does the bulk of the work. Decide which documents and export formats you need, and DynaMaker will export for every quotation or order. You decide which files DynaMaker sends to the customer, and which files DynaMaker sends off to your ERP and into production. 

You can drastically eliminate repetitive tasks that your employees find boring, giving them a chance to channel their energy into more interesting and complex tasks. Let engineers figure out how to make your next successful product rather than reviewing orders all day. Additionally, with a cleverly constructed production line DynaMaker reduces lead times too as there is support for automation all the way down to the machine.

  • Let the customer configure their products
  • DynaMaker creates drawings instantly
  • Reduce the need for manual examination of quotation drawings
  • Automatically export files such as STEP, BOM, BIM, DXF, IFC, cut lists