Easy to Integrate with Your IT solutions

Does it feel daunting to take on another IT project? Implementing a new piece of software can sound both time-consuming and costly. Did we mention that over 50% of IT projects fail? 
It’s very common to make integrations from scratch each time two software systems need to talk to each other. However, making them from scratch doesn’t promote fidelity and stability over time. And making them from scratch also takes a lot of time.

We know that integrations that work are essential mitigate risks with IT projects and reduce the time to when you actually can benefit from the investment. We created DynaMaker to be integration friendly and we are adding standardized and secure integrations to ensure success.

Integrations to key systems

DynaMaker is designed to be flexible and easy to integrate with modern e-solutions, so that you don’t have to worry about changing your digital infrastructure just for DynaMaker. It integrates with customer portals, cpq solutions, e-commerce solutions, content management systems and enterprise resource planning systems. It is easy to enhance your existing infrastructure and you can get started right away. With our standardized integrations we make stable interfaces that we also maintain and update on a regular basis.

DynaMaker includes hosting, backups and security so you don’t have to worry about those details. It is a software as a service solution with a competitively priced monthly fee.

In summary

  • DynaMaker has integrations with e-solutions such as customer portals, cpq solutions, e-commerce and cms
  • DynaMaker also integrates with ERP software 
  • There is no need for big investments and big projects thanks to the easy integration
  • Convenient SaaS model gives flexibility and low costs