DynaMaker – Cloud features for parametric customization

Whether you’re looking to move from make to stock to make to order, or you’re interested in reducing lead times and repetitive tasks in your company, DynaMaker is here to make that happen. The DynaMaker platform ensures increases in efficiency and will make manufacturing easier. Read about the features that stand out below!

Instant visualization of parametric geometry

Thanks to our quick Parametric CAD kernel, SkyLark, DynaMaker can generate an infinite number of geometries in 2D and 3D fully online – from a single parametric model. Whether your product has static 3D files or parametrically generated geometry it can instantly be visualized online in CAD style or with realistic rendering.

  • Fast loading and visualization
  • Visualize infinite product variants from single parametric model
  • Extrude, revolve, splits, cut and boolean operations (2D and 3D)
  • Combine static CAD assets with parametric CAD models
  • Modify style, color, textures, shadows, lighting – pretty much everything

Visual configuration

Enable selection, moving and other visual 3D interactions to make configuration easy and intuitive.

  • Trigger actions on click interactions in 2D and 3D
  • Enable selection for configuration
  • Place components visually with mouse
  • Colision detection

Easy to integrate with CMS/CPQ/E-solutions

Embed DynaMaker as stand-alone to your homepage or integrate it seamlessly with your existing product configurators in CPQ, ERP and in e-commerce.

  • Modern web standard
  • REST API with webhooks
  • Iframe & postMessage api
  • URL-parameters and predefined states
  • User handling through Json Web Tokens (JWT)

Instant BIM & CAD Exports from configuration

Save time and effort by enabling auto-generation of documents for every quotation and order – from quotation drawings in 2D to 3D CAD files.

  • Auto generated 2D files in DXF, PDF
  • Auto generated 3D files for both CAD (STP) and BIM (IFC)
  • BOM-lists and text files
  • Cut lists, gcode