Configure Correct Orders All the Time

Selling configurable products can be tricky, and errors in order are very common. Sometimes the customer doesn’t know enough about the product, resulting in mistakes in the configuration process. Sometimes the prerequisites for producing the product are not taken into consideration, and you need to go back and correct the order before production. There are many rules that apply. How can a person possibly take all that into account and manage incoming requests? Get correct orders by using DynaMaker!

How does it work?

With DynaMaker you don’t need to worry about all of this: you can input all design rules, formulas and limitations, so that the customer can’t make errors or configure something that is impossible to produce. Despite many rules and formulas, DynaMaker instantly visualizes the configured product thanks to our proprietary CAD kernel made for the web. This gives the user a fast and easy user experience, and no frustration due to lagging applications. This results in being able to configure correct orders and minimizing errors.

Knowledge transfer in the organization

Capturing the rules and formulas of your product also has organizational benefits: the risk of losing knowledge decreases when you formalize knowledge and know-how. It also means that it’s easier to scale your business of configurable products as each order will require minimal manual work.

In summary

  • Guided rule-based visual configuration eliminates errors
  • Funnel your rules, limitations and formulas into the configurator
  • Create scalable, formula-based parametric models of your products for easy configuration
  • Use input fields, drawing and configuration with mouse clicks
  • Fast performance and user experience thanks to web first software