Cloud Service for Building Online CAD Tools

DynaMaker is a cloud service for developing, publishing and maintaining your own 3D configurators, CAD automation tools and exporters for 2D drawings and 3D files.

DynaMaker is developed by a team of Swedish engineers, Team SkyMaker, that believe that customized products should be affordable and of everyone, and that manufacturing is best when its flexible, fully automated and done locally.

DynaMaker features

  • Hosting and development of 3D Product Configurators
  • Parametric CAD library for 2D/3D
  • Programmatic CAD
  • Importers for DXF, PDF, SVG
  • Exporters for DXF, PDF, STL, STEP
  • Automated checking (TDD) and code deployment
  • Develop in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Templates and example code to help you get started

DynaMaker is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), so you have everything you need direct here at See pricing page for more information and links to get you started.