Cloud Service for Building Online CAD Tools

DynaMaker is a cloud service for developing, publishing and maintaining your own 3D configurators, CAD automation tools and exporters for 2D drawings and 3D files.

DynaMaker is developed by a team of Swedish engineers, Team SkyMaker, who believes that customized products should be affordable and for everyone. Manufacturing is best when it’s flexible, fully automated and done locally.

DynaMaker features

  • Hosting and development of 3D Product Configurators
  • Parametric CAD library for 2D/3D
  • Programmatic CAD
  • Importers for DXF, PDF, SVG
  • Exporters for DXF, PDF, STL, STEP
  • Automated checking (TDD) and code deployment
  • Develop in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Templates and example code to help you get started

DynaMaker is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), so you have everything you need direct here at See pricing page for more information and links to get you started.