CAD-configuration Developer Guide

Template – Load and size calculator for Lifting tables

Picking the right size and load capacity for your lifting table is hard. The customer know what to lift while the manufacturer knows what is required to make a stable and safe liftable work table. Having online product configurators will help the customer to fill out what they know and let the rules calculate whats the optimal solution to quote.

We have created a basic starting template for lifting tables that you can use to get started in the right direction.

Generating STEP-files from any geometry

Would you like to develop a DynaMaker application that includes static 3D files and exports STEP-files? With our Design Automation Service, you can now effortlessly generate and export STEP-files from your application regardless of if your app uses static models or not!

In our previous article on using your own static assets, we demonstrated how you can create an assembly that utilizes both static and parametric models. Here, we will expand on that concept by demonstrating how you can generate and export a STEP-File from the entire assembly. Before the Design Automation Service, it was only possible to create STEP-files from parametric models. However, with this service, you can effortlessly create them regardless.

How to use your own static assets in your CAD configurator

Do you already have your own 2D & 3D files? Then it’s very easy to reuse them in DynaMaker without remodeling them again. If there are parts in your product that remain unchanged regardless of the configuration (“static”), you can reuse your 2D & 3D files in DynaMaker for them, so that you can focus on parametric parts and others in your DynaMaker application. Learn more about this!

Template – Conveyor Layout configurator

Working with multi model configurations can be tricky. One way to simplify things is to create a predefined sequence of products where each new item connects to the next in a predictable way. This can be used for creating conveyors or similar and we have created a starting template just for that.

IT Map for Manufacturing Companies

We often get asked about the IT structure and systems needed to make product configuration and process automation happen. How are different parts connected to each other? Which departments in the company uses which systems? And how do they relate to the flow of products from purchase to delivery? Have a look at this IT map for manufacturing companies.

Greenhouse configurator template

This is one of many template projects available for a quick start with customization in DynaMaker. It’s a simple one-step configurator that enables parametric customization of a greenhouse with automated CAD exports. See the video below for an example of how it could work for your e-commerce!