Become an implementation partner

Do you help your clients with their e-commerce or perhaps other customized software setups? Or maybe it’s with product configuration and CAD automation you help your clients? Either way, DynaMaker is a platform to use when helping clients into the new era of customization and flexible manufacturing!

A greenhouse manufacturer adds a DynaMaker 3D configurator to their e-commerce website and defines rules for what can be customized.

Customers can then by themselves create their unique greenhouse visualized in 3D with their measurements.

DynaMaker then generates all the drawings and files needed for offer and order. And automatically sends them back to e-commerce and to manufacturing units.

Customizable Greenhouse project example

DynaMaker is an online platform for developing and hosting product configurators where customization and visualization are key elements. Add DynaMaker to your clients’ e-commerce and enable their customers to easily customize products. Together with automated exports for PDF/DXF drawings, article lists, and price driving attributes it will become the sales CAD solution that enables cost-effective mass customization for your clients.

DynaMaker partner program

Our vision is to change the manufacturing industry using modern technology for mass customization. We’re looking to team up with talented companies in a joint effort to help our customers make this change.

Partner benefits

  • Win new consultancy projects that create large value for your clients.
  • Get recurring projects as the client wants to customize and visualize more of their products
  • High profitability and low risks thanks to the cutting edge online development environment.
  • An easy “seeing is believing” sales process with impressive examples to let the client test on the first meeting
  • No start costs, no support costs, and easy to get started with developing


  • Short sales training via web distance meeting
  • Joint sales effort to find the first customer
  • Get industry specific demo templates suitable to showcase for your clients
  • Unlimited developer seats free of charge
  • Development training for DynaMaker

Client implementation

  • You do the implementation work with clients like you always do
  • We provide free continuous support throughout your projects when you need DynaMaker
  • We can provide paid expert assistance on request in your client projects
  • The client pays for subscription when the projects is launching

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