CAD Configurator Templates

With the increasing demand for customized products, providing your customers with a web-based and easy-to-use configurator for your product is profitable in many ways. Instant quotations, significantly reduced strain on the sales and engineering personnel, and high-quality input for manufacturing are just some of the benefits! 

Why start with a template?

So, what is the best way to get your configurator up and running? By starting from a template! A good template (also called boilerplate, starter, or seed) contains all the basic structure and code for running a simple configurator. Instead of writing all of this yourself, you can start from a copy of the template and start modifying it to fit your needs. By adopting this workflow, you both save time and learn a lot from reading and working with the source code developed by experts.

The greenhouse template

Below you can see our Customizable Greenhouse template! While it is a relatively simple configurator, it makes a great starting point for box-shaped products of various sizes and looks. Cabins, carports, sheds, barns, and garages are examples of products where this template would be helpful.

From greenhouse to shed

In the example below, we have changed the material from glass panels to galvanized steel, lowered the angle of the roof, and reduced the max-width of the panels. With three quick modifications, we now have an excellent foundation for our galvanized metal shed configurator!

The greenhouse template before any modifications.
Galvanized steel, lowered roof angle, and reduced panel max-width.

Many templates to choose from

There are many different starting templates available for DynaMaker, and we have listed a few of them on this page. If you find one you would like to use or need help finding a suitable one, send us a message at, and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

Have You Seen the Updated Dashboard?

A lot has happened with the DynaMaker platform since it was first released. We really appreciate that you, our wonderful users, get back to us with suggestions on how to improve. Your feedback has been a large part in moving the platform forward since the beginning!

Recently we have been busy giving the project dashboard an updated design and some new functionality such as file upload and texture creation (more about that in a future post). We would love to hear what you think about the new design, so if you have not already, log in and try it out yourself!

Note: If you still see the old design it is most likely because your browser has cached the old version. Try doing a hard refresh (ctrl+F5/shift+F5/⌘+F5).

Learning DynaMaker

It does not matter if you’re an experienced programmer, a CAD professional or are just getting started creating Dynamic Products; sometimes we all get stuck and could use some help getting back on track. For guidance specific to DynaMaker, we’ve created the official DynaMaker Docs which consists of a Getting Started-guide, tutorials, a FAQ and much more.


When creating with DynaMaker, you’re going to be using TypeScript, which starts from the same syntax and semantics that millions of JavaScript developers know today. You can learn more in the official TypeScript docs.


Since DynaMaker is fully cloud based, all development is done from the browser. We recommend Google Chrome, which has excellent development tools that can be used for stepping through your code line-by-line, to get a better understanding of what’s happening. Here’s a great guide on getting started with debugging using Chrome DevTools.

Help us help you!

The DynaMaker team is continuously working on improving user experience and we need your feedback to create the best platform possible! What obstacles are you running in to when working in DynaMaker? Do you have suggestions on things that should change or what new features should come next? We’d love to receive all your thoughts, so please send them in an email to!

From left to right, team members Jaime, Olof and Axel