3D Product Configurators

Why do you need a product configurator on your homepage, in your customer portal, or on the e-commerce platform? You probably have been fine up until now doing it the old fashion way and digitization is just such a pain. Where do you start anyway?

With an increasing demand of customized products there is a fast growing strain on Sales and R&D personnel. Handling request the old fashioned way by opening up an internal configurator or CAD-tool to repeatedly type in some parameters over and over again steals precious time from development and planning for the future.

Traditional workflow without configurators – Slow and time consuming

Together with recent breakthroughs in flexible automated manufacturing in our factories there is a huge opportunity to automate the processes all the way to the end customer. A key factor to success in this is to have accessible and easy to use online 3D configurators, design tools, calculators and automated CAD applications that the customers can use .And they need to auto generates drawings, bom-lists and data for every quotation and order.

Modern workflow with online 3D configurators to guide the customer – Fast and potential for full automation

Thats why you need the DynaMaker to digitize and automate your products in a way that empowers your end customer to interact and customize! And we provide the training and support to ensure your success.